Former minister encouraged to keep up the good work

Thursday December 06, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Ex-MP Nandi Glassie doesn’t deserve criticism, a letter-writer says. 18120535 Ex-MP Nandi Glassie doesn’t deserve criticism, a letter-writer says. 18120535

Dear Editor,

Truth Seeka thinks she is smart, but by all accounts has not written one bad word about the CIP government when in fact there is so much she could write about.


But can you believe it, she finds the time to criticise Nandi Glassie on his political party? What have you done ‘Truth-Seeks’?

Where is your badge of honour that you can show the public your work and efforts? Kare puapinga!

She is totally misinformed and has a very weak understanding of what is really happening in government or knows but doesn’t want to tell the truth, maybe, hopeful of earning some credits with the CIP government and probably because she knows that’s how this government operates. “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

Neither does she know what Nandi Glassie tried to do when he was a Cabinet minister. Of all the former ministers of the Crown, he had the most integrity. Just take a look at some of them now. My goodness, it’s scandalous and a disgrace.

Truth Seeka has a short memory or some other serious issue - otherwise she would have sat down and written about the elephantine problems being caused by the current ministers and the problems caused by this government.

Come on, tell us the real truth, the real truth why you wrote this letter to criticise one of the best ministers we have had in 10 years. What job are you after with the CIP Government? Send your letter to the editor from your laptop to the PM or the DPM to let them know so they can put you on their Christmas list for jobs in the new year.

I encourage Nandi and others like him to say more and to do more in raising these concerns. You are doing the right thing! The country is crying out for a new party, a new party with fresh ideas without the greed and lies and more lies that we currently see with this government.

Keep up the good work Nandi, you have my support and my vote.

            Raro Sunshine!

            (Name and address supplied)

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