Health not making Aunty very happy

Thursday October 18, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Aunty is not happy, aunty is having problems with the health system, if they are not walking the talk they are giving her and the other elders the short end of the stick. 


Once upon a time you could go to the hospital it was free and the doctors there would listen to the elders and understand their fears and look into their problems closely and come up with a way of solving them. 

Now Aunty says - and so do many of her friends - it has changed, the doctors don't want to listen, they tell you “no, this is what you need to do”. 

The elders are not happy they are more willing to pay money to a private doctor for better advise and diagnosis than the hospital.

“Aue,” says Aunty, “what can our poor elders do, if the hospital is no longer available to listen to us?”

            Unhappy Aunty

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