Letter-writer has lost the plot, says Tepaki

Thursday October 11, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Letter-writer has lost the plot, says Tepaki

Dear Editor,

May I respond to John David’s letter of October 9, headed “Another perspective on land”, by saying from the outset that he’s lost the plot, making his comments unfounded and unworthy of response!


He said he had read my letters but clearly he hasn’t, or he would have picked up that MOP is a virtual developer and the real developers are the landowners, thus making his comments about developers’ behavior irrelevant to MOP and insulting to real developers the landowners.

And so that he is clear, the essence of MOP’s Paradise Prosperity development plan is for landowners to develop their lands for their prosperity and the prosperity of their community, not for the prosperity of MOP. And MOP doesn’t deserve the abuse he is dishing out in his crusade against developers, because to become part of the MOP family, one has to shed his or her self-interest and convert to common interest and shared prosperity, making MOP nothing like the developer he imagined.

That said, it doesn’t surprise me that he doesn’t like developers, because real estate agents are middle men operators who make a living from selling development products and clipping the ticket. They are non-productive, and many are envious of productive developers.

Let’s leave this one here shall we?

Tim Tepaki

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