Life jacket police needed here too

Monday September 03, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

How many tourists will have to die before the helmet police step in and put life jackets on every tourist that comes to Rarotonga and puts their feet in the water? 


As far as I know, at least six tourists have died in the past five years from drowning, but no-one says put on a life jacket. Another three or four have died in the water from natural causes, and two or three locals have drowned while out fishing. But still no-one says, “Put on a life jacket every time you get in the water.”

But how many tourists have died on our roads from a bike accident in the past five years? None. But the helmet police have made every tourist, young and old put on a helmet.

Some overseas people living and working here have crashed and died after drinking and speeding on their bikes, with or without helmets.  They are like the local boys who died, aged between 16- 25 years, riding at night after drinking and speeding. Too many die, but it should be noted that the last two had helmets on. 

The police make every tourist take a driving test and make them wear a helmet before they can ride a scooter, but no-one asks if tourists can swim before they give them a kayak.

They don't ask if they have a kayak licence, or make them wear helmet, but more have died in our lagoon than on our roads.

Seems like the helmet police don't have too much care for the tourists in the water. What a shame we have to wait so long before anyone decides to do something.

Good luck to the water safety people with getting helmets and lifejackets on locals.

            Late Action

            (Name and address supplied)

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