Advice for Malcolm – ‘talk to your MP’

Monday August 27, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In reply to Roger Malcolm’s letter published in CINews on Friday August 24, 2018, I wonder if Mr Malcom actually read Mata McNair’s first article?


Did you read Utu Panu’s reply? I don’t suppose then that you would have noticed who attacked who first. Come on, paa koe.

So you think that hiding under a nom de plume name is a valid reason for Utu Panu to write and attack Mata McNair for her first article and I, for replying to his ridiculous article in CINews?

Well, how lucky is Utu Panu to have someone like you to lean on? You mentioned that if we needed an outer island name to bash, we can use yours. Thank you for that. Unfortunately, your name is not an outer island name so it’s great that I won’t be bashing any of my outer island people’s names but yours.

If you have read my first reply, you would have noticed that I put my heritage down as a proud Rarotongan, Araura Enua, Penryhn Island, Palmerston Island. So what does that tell you?

If you agree that much to what Utu Panu had written, and you are extremely happy about the issue, how come it took you 40 years to wait till someone like Utu Panu write utter rubbish and attacking Mata McNair and my responses, to come out of the cave and write utter nonsense? Not only did he attack us, but the government too.

Wake up, Mr Malcolm, this is what politics is all about. You campaign families and friends to vote for you and in return if successful, one would expect that you look after the people as a whole, not just your families and friends or must I say, yourself.

If I were you, I would address all concerns with your members of parliament. For 40 years you stayed in the caves. Why is that? So you think by hiding all these years and coming out now is going to solve anything? As the saying goes, the picture go takere.

Time to move on and do something to make it better or better still, to make it happen.

You mentioned the children as our future, and that, I agree with 100 per cent. If you don’t do anything for their future, what will happen then? Sure, maybe you paid for your children to come to Rarotonga for expos etc, but there are ways to get the expo to come to Atiu, aren’t there? Yes, I do know you live and breathe in Atiu and I have met you when booking a cave tour. Your business?

Again, do the right thing and talk to your Member of Parliament. That is why you elected them, so they can take your concerns to the government. Stop this mumbling in the newspaper, it won’t get you anywhere.

One last thing Mr Malcolm, correct me if I am wrong: all prime ministers of the Cook Islands have hailed from the outer islands except one. I am of the opinion, that for 40 years you didn’t have time to address these concerns with them because you were busy taking care of your private businesses.

PS: I did tell the editor that my last response to Utu Panu was the final one, but you just put the icing on the cake for me to respond again.

I rest my case. Have a great day.

Otira Ua,

            Nooroa Daniel Kavakura Tuoro

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