Athletics seems better off than some sporting codes

Friday August 17, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
A letter writer has raised questions about funding recieved by Athletics Cook Islands. A letter writer has raised questions about funding recieved by Athletics Cook Islands.

Dear Editor,

My neighbour has children in sports.


They are always out raising money at sausage sizzles and delivery food packs, cleaning plantations, they go to exotic places like New Zealand and maybe Australia, and the parents have to top up their efforts with quite a bit of money for the teams to go away to compete.

Their efforts are always reported in the paper and they are doing well. I was interested to read an article from a visiting lecturer for athletics who alluded that they have $40,000 available for athletes to apply for. 

I am sure they have – and why wouldn't you? And this might explain why you never seem to see anyone from athletics running around the island collecting coins in an ice cream container.  They get money from the Round Raro Race too, if my memory serves me right.

I am sure lots of codes would be grateful of this windfall of cash every year. My only question is, what does Athletics Cook Islands do with it? 

I see every now and then a single athlete heading off to some exotic destination like Rio de Janeiro, London, Russia with a team of officials, but I never hear how they fare over there. I know we had some athletes at the Commonwealth Games who gained some personal goals, but I was also told they had no money to fly home.

I don't know if my neighbour has seen the article, but I might tell them they are in the wrong sport.

Athletics looks like a much easier ride for travel and seeing the world without all the necessary fundraising.

            Funding Children

            (Name and address supplied)

Editor’s note: CINews emailed the president of Athletics Cook Islands, Ina Marsters, for comment on the issues raised in this letter, but has yet to receive a reply.

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