Te Mato Vai heads for Sheraton status

Tuesday July 31, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It was interesting watching a Q & A session on ABC television recently regarding waste reduction. What was suggested by one panelist was, wait for it, communal water stations where you fill your water bottle.

Our household fills a 20 litre container about once a week - same bottle different week. The whole Te Mato Vai concept of having about a week’s storage up next to intakes is shown to be flawed.

The flaw can be seen in the caretaker DPM's valley which has a large storage tank halfway down the valley. It can never fill as the usage is greater than the in-flow. The deputy prime minister, Mark Brown, was seen on TV saying this upgrade will cost approximately $80 million.

What a waste of money. You may as well order a water tanker now. Putting the tank at the top of the hill will not increase storage while it waits for the drought to break.

I predict this Te Mato Vai project will be the CIP equivalent of the Sheraton.

            Waste Watcher

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