Tepaki explains plan’s money source

Monday July 30, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
M e rc h a n t o f P a r a d i s e developer Tim Tepaki. 18072913 M e rc h a n t o f P a r a d i s e developer Tim Tepaki. 18072913

Dear Editor,

Now that the long awaited roll out of the Paradise Prosperity Plan (PPP) for the Pa Enua is happening Merchant of Paradise (MOP) is fielding strong support for the project and numerous inquiries for opportunities available, with the odd niggle about the colour of Chinese money, the loss of New Zealand citizenship if we ascend to developed status and full sovereignty with own seat at the United Nations, and security of land under unit title development.

I should like to deal with Chinese money in this letter and deal with the other issues of New Zealand citizenship and land security in further letters during the week.

Firstly, let me make it clear that MOP will not proceed with the pa enua PPP development on any other funding but the concessional finance set aside by Chinese president Xi Jinping in Fiji, in 2014, for commercial sector development under the One China Policy (OCP) aid platform.

MOP has been offered Arab Emirates funding with the only precondition being 10 per cent return on investment, and global Chinese funding with a quirky request for 300 New Zealand passports, neither of which holds a candle to president Xi’s mainland China offer, which is from the heart.

Our evidence of heartfelt assistance is written in clause four of the OCP Communiqué of 1997, which states, “The government of the Peoples Republic of China will assist the people of the Cook Islands to achieve their objectives, in full, in the areas of social, economic and cultural development.” This, in anyone’s language, is nothing short of a partnership between the people of China and our people that is loaded in our favour, meaning they have the money and we don’t. So why are we doubting China?

MOP is aware that New Zealand’s coalition government has set aside $714 million to aid Pacific nations in their Pacific Reset aid package. But just how much is ours and whether it is for our aid-dependent public sector or our progressive commercial sector, is yet to be unveiled. We all know that New Zealand’s Pacific Reset aid is spawned from a fear of China rising in our region and reactive, not from the heart and proactive like China’s. So we know what funding we should take don’t we?

I keep hearing “fake stories” about Chinese money and seeing “ghost” letters in CINews alleging improprieties on the part of China, but I have yet to see any evidence supporting these allegations. Perhaps, editor, you’ll be kind enough to provide evidence from those who allege improprieties on the part of China that they have dealt with China’s government directly and not just spreading hearsay rubbish, because I’m betting you can’t. And may I say that you and your ghost writers are fortunate that China and its people are like our pa enua people: they suffer in silence, because anyone else, and you would be in court for damages.

I should like to comment on some topical fabrications about China’s improprieties.

1. Chinese businesses operating in Tonga, Samoa and other small nations in our region that are seen as troublemakers are  global Chinese and not out of mainland China and they are just as grubby as papa’a businesses, so blaming China is fabricated rubbish.

2.         And blaming China for governments in our region being unable to pay their debt and accusing China of taking advantage of them is also fabricated rubbish, because pivotal to raising a loan with any financier is the ability to repay the loan. My point being that inability to repay their loans occurred after a perfectly serviceable loan was contracted and was self-inflicted, usually by politicians not levying their people to generate sufficient return on investment so they can gain their vote. As for the couple of Harvard scholars engaged by the US State Department to whitewash the White House by blaming China for loading debt on governments in our region, all they are saying is that natives of the antipodeans like us are dumb and do not know what loans are, which is not only insulting our intelligence but fabricated rubbish yet again.

3.         The emerging claim that China planned the crash of 2008 is fabricated rubbish yet again, because China was still a developing nation with 85 per cent of its economy domestic and minding its own business, while developed economies of the world crashed at the hands of rogue US international banks and middlemen businesses clipping the ticket without contributing to the economy. That crash of 2008, by the way, is the tip of the iceberg, because the United Nations now require all currencies to be asset backed by 2020, at which time the real crash will unveil. MOP expect the US currency to crash, and suspects that so will New Zealand’s currency, which is why MOP insists on raising Chinese currency.

As always, my letters are intended to help!

Tim Tepaki

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