Parade falls way short of all expectations...

Monday July 30, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

What an exciting day – gather the children and families and let’s celebrate the opening of the 53rd Te Maeva Nui by viewing the float parade….

Same as every year, Te Maeva Nui Drive was lined with people on Friday, eagerly waiting for the parade to pass by.

Creative Centre came out in force lined up their chairs early to get a good spot and were waiting since 12:15pm. Alas, it seems the parade took a shortcut this year and only a handful of floats actually came down Te Maeva Nui Drive and hundreds of peoples sat waiting for nothing.

Where was the information about this change? Why wasn’t there someone letting people know and encouraging them to move down to Constitution Park?

Millions spent on getting our families from the Pa Enua here but heaps of people missed out on celebrating with them because of this stuff-up. Not impressed.

Disappointed for the children, visitors to the Island and for the Creative Centre. That’s not how we do it Cook Islands.

            Simone Fe’ao

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