Repercussions of swearing-in will surely come

Tuesday July 17, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

 Following the surprising events of July 5’s swearing-in of Rose Brown. Robert Tapaitau and George “Maggie” Angene to the camp of the CIP caretaker government, like many people, I was very surprised by this turn of events.

I remain sceptical and unconvinced of its sincerity as well as the arrangement’s longevity. Nevertheless, at the same time I wish you guys all the best, and I hope and trust you will never, ever regret your collective decisions to do what you thought you had to do at the time.

Whatever level and degree of pressure and manipulation thrust upon you by others with their own agendas, well, only you guys will ever really know the intensity of those intense and one-eyed machinations.

In any case, decisions have been made and the commitments freely given, so we can only await the eventual repercussions. When they eventuate, as they surely will, they will be historic, as well as character-defining.

Oh and by the way, while listening to Radio NZ’s news on morning last week, I found it interesting that they referred to “the new caretaker Cook Islands government.”

Rather prophetic wouldn’t you say?

            Papa Williams

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