Criticism of plastic products unfair

Friday July 13, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
The burned-out wreckage of Raromart, pictured earlier this week. 18071232 The burned-out wreckage of Raromart, pictured earlier this week. 18071232

Dear Editor,

I take exception to the inference made by letter writer "Goodbye Plastic,” that the products sold at Raromart were (or soon to be are) of an inferior quality.

We actually stocked very few plastic bowls and were tending to concentrate more on stainless steel for bowls and similar items. Sure, we had a lot of plastic wheelie bins, rubbish bins, tables and chairs etc, but these were of a similar quality, if not better, than those sold by our competitors.

Raromart models itself on the New Zealand Warehouse operation and I would like to think that it is more a case of selling good value for money rather than selling cheap goods of an inferior quality.

Also we have to cater for all our customers or they will shop elsewhere, including New Zealand. Some customers might not be able to afford just the very best items of everything so should they not also be given a choice?

Nearly all the top quality household brand items sold at Raromart are made in China and it is very much a case of you getting what you pay for. But you can still find factories that make products leading brands like Panasonic and Hitachi etc, who also make home appliances of a similar quality but under a different brand name.

For instance, this is the case with our fridges and freezers, fans, and washing machines which are made under our own Raromart label but are sold for several hundred dollars less than the brand name products.

I can assure “Goodbye Plastic” that my policy when buying from factories in China is "show me your best”, as the difference in price between the best and those items of a lesser quality is not that great.

Sure, I sometimes get caught with some stock of a lesser quality but this is not intended and doesn’t happen very often.

            Don Carlaw

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