Missing the days of Telecom

Monday July 09, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It always behoves me – as I am sure it does a few other Cookies too – why the Cook Islands government gave our Telecom Cook Islands away for $23 million!


My work takes me to Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, American and Western Samoa, and usually I am away for 5-6 weeks.

Of course, when Telecom was operating in the Cooks, I could call/text my wife and family in the Cooks and they would reply, etc.

No problems – until Bluesky took over.

I have the same sim cards and I can text my wife and family here but they cannot reply.

As late as March this year, I was in Samoa and got a Bluesky Samoa sim – but I could not even text home!

In Manihiki, my son – and a few others in the northern atolls I am sure – are having the same adverse experience.

When Telecom was operational and a fault was discovered somewhere along the line, Telecom would either charter a plane or a technician on the next Air Raro flight to fix the problem. Done and back to normal in a week.

Now? Gosh, I won’t even go into the posting of mail saga that a lot of people are having problems with.

Our late PM Sir Geoffrey Henry once said, “I want my country to be in the 21st century in this cyber world”. Well, of late we are still in the 20th century. Sorry Papa Geoffrey!

            Kia Manuia,

            Peter Kaitara William

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