Warrant Of Fitness a waste of time

Monday July 09, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

There is an example of good intentions being nothing more than a pain in the neck – or in this case, the wallet.


That is the need for a New Zealand-standard WOF on all cars and bikes.

Now of course public safety is the driving force for these things, and in a world where there is a 100kph road limit that no one obeys and thousands of cars and busy highways, etc, then having a safe vehicle that won’t disintegrate on impact or blow a tyre causing a massive pileup on the highway is important and necessary.

But here in Raro, at 50kph there is no one causing massive pileups, there is no one dying because they ran their car or truck into a building, and in fact the cars that seemingly need a WOF are the safest ones from accidents as they can’t go fast enough to cause a serious impact.

Our accidents are caused by alcohol and speeding, and the costs we have to incur to live up to a standard that is not necessary here is outrageous.

The fact that we get fined if we don’t have a WOF, even if it is obvious the vehicle is in good order, pushes us into having to have ridiculous repairs that are over the top for our needs.

So we pay $500-plus for suspension and tyres and rust fills, only to have the roads take out the good work in one or two potholes.

If we don’t have a ‘board’ for the WOF so that everyone does it to the letter of the New Zealand law, then does it really matter?

Yes, we definitely need it for our rental cars and buses and vans and other tourist transport – they need this for insurance reasons, which is the only reason it was invented anyway.

But otherwise, let’s let go of the need for a WOF – if you have insurance, then by all means maintain the standard required, but for all of us in the slow and two-toned cream and rust antiques, leave us be – we aren’t hurting anyone now or in the future.

            Waste Of Fine

            (Name and address supplied)

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