Leadership problem in the Cooks

Monday July 09, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We have a leadership problem in the Cooks. Henry Puna runs the country as a hobbyist dictator, nothing the people say is listened to, and Puna and Mark Brown run rampant with their rules to suit themselves, without the input of the other MPs.


As we have seen, the Demos have no leader and although the people want a change of government they don’t want to be in the boat with no rudder. So it seems, neither do the three independents, who it is said have gone to CIP.

Maybe they think they can steer the travelling Puna in a new direction, or at least anchor him to stay close to home and focus on growing the economy.

Maybe we shall have to wait and see.

If they are not worth their salt then it will be another four years in a leaky boat for us.

The good news is most of the old crusty cronies are gone from CIP, so let’s see if it was better the devil you know, or fresh eyes, fresh approach.

Either way the new blood in parliament on both sides have promised their people change or improvements so let’s see them follow through and do so.

To the new and old Demos, don’t sit idly by for four years – make good your promises, be loud and proud for the next four years, and for goodness’ sakes find and develop yourselves a leader worthy of the fine people who are voting for you.

            All Aboard

            (Name and address supplied)

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