Memories of a stay at the Kiikii motel in 1977

Thursday July 05, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Diane H. Rabinowitz, complete with “baby bump” pictured on her visit to Rarotonga back in 1977. 18070401 Diane H. Rabinowitz, complete with “baby bump” pictured on her visit to Rarotonga back in 1977. 18070401

Dear Editor,

In December of 1975, I and my beloved captain and partner, Mike and another couple, departed from Los Angeles in our 46-foot fiberglass ketch, and sailed through the South Pacific.

We went via Hawaii, Fanning Island (Kiribati), Samoa, Niue, Tonga, Fiji, and Aotearoa (New Zealand).

In 1977, I found myself happily pregnant.

We sold the boat. En route to Los Angeles from New Zealand, we stopped for a couple of days in Avarua and stayed at the Kiikii Motel.

This year, in January, we had the privilege of visiting the Cook Islands for two weeks. Naturally, we wanted to revisit the Kiikii Motel, now an inn and resort.

When we arrived, there was our former room number 3, and the wall still held a large iconic poster of Bob Dylan, now a Nobel Prize winner.

And there were still lots of chickens roaming around.

I want to share this photo of me with baby bump, the only one we have of our time in Rarotonga 40 years ago. No digital cameras then. Is that Muri Beach? Our Memories of that short time have faded. Like the photo.  But, we do remember the horse races on the beach and seeing the wreck of Irving Johnson's sailboat just outside Avarua Harbour. It’s only a remnant under the sea.

But we now have new memories and photo of our time in Rarotonga and Aitutaki. Many years ago, we fell in love with Polynesia, the people, the rhythm of life, the sounds of singing and the rain.

The smells, and the culture of the great navigators.

And now have seen two of the wonderful Cook Islands, They have become our favorite part pf paradise.

Only one question remains:

Why did we wait so many years to return?

            Diane H. Rabinowitz

PS Our Son Noah was born, grew up, married and has two beautiful children.

I hope they all can visit the Cook Islands someday soon.

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