Mail slower than a snail

Monday July 02, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

May I through your newspaper inform the people of the Cook Islands that they should not expect their mail to be delivered promptly to the island of Atiu. 

Yesterday, we received our first mail delivery for four weeks. That mail bag was eagerly awaited.  It contained nine kg of mail and for us included goods ordered on line, magazines, invoices with demands for payment and government notices of pending company closure.

What this shows is that mail is finished as a reasonably fast means of communicating with Atiu and we request that all important mail be scanned and emailed as well in future.

            Mail Please

            (Name and address supplied)

SS: There have been a number of problems with mail delivery lately, and not just to Atiu.

A Cook Islander living in New Zealand recently told CINews that since Bluesky has become responsible for the postal service, parcels can take months to arrive from New Zealand. “This has happened to me twice now. The first parcel I sent took over two months and three days to get to the recipient in Rarotonga,” the person said.

“I rang the post service here in New Zealand and the next day I got a text to say they had received the parcel. The second parcel didn’t turn up for17 days because I rang up - and hello again, it's suddenly turned up over there. Funny, that. Now I'm waiting on a parcel that was sent from Rarotonga four months ago – or so I was told.”

CINews has written previously about this issue and will be looking into it again. Anyone who has experienced problems with mail delivery should email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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