Grey Power should get real

Thursday June 28, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
A letter-writer has maintained taxes are a crucial part of the economy. A letter-writer has maintained taxes are a crucial part of the economy.

Dear Editor,

Come on Grey Power; do you honestly believe that a Demo Party government will legislate to stop taxing the New Zealand pension?

Notwithstanding what we hope and wish for in a dream world, how would that work?

Back when the Democratic Party was in government, I personally heard Wilkie Rasmussen, the then foreign affairs minister, say on radio that the Cook Islands government and the New Zealand government had come to an agreement. It meant that if you lived in New Zealand and qualified for the New Zealand Super (pension) you would still pay tax on your pension. However, he said a new signed agreement meant that if you were receiving your payment here in Rarotonga, then you could in future pay the Cook Islands tax, rather than paying tax in New Zealand. He explained that the New Zealand tax was higher than the Cook Islands tax.

So how much fairer is that? How are we to pay our doctors, nurses, teachers and so on and on if people don’t pay their taxes? Grey Power, give it a miss!

What’s next? No tax for imported goods? And did some idiot mention no PAYE during the election?

We need to pay tax! We don’t have to for the first $11,000 but we must pay it on anything we earn after that.

Come on koutou, get real!

            Peter Kaitara William

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