In dreamland, important issues really do matter

Saturday June 23, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Somewhere on the island, senior politicians from all political groupings gathered in an impressive display of unity.

Although final election results had yet to be announced, everyone realised that there was no time to waste. The people had spoken. Over cups of tea, they agreed that political reform was critical.

The first item on the agenda was terms of reference for a comprehensive political reform review, with changes to be made to the political system regardless of their implications for any particular political faction. That is what the people clearly wanted.

Having settled on those terms of reference and agreed on independent persons to carry out the review, those same senior politicians turned to another priority of the people: the fight against corruption and the setting in place of a strong system of checks and balances to ensure future governments acted properly and for the benefit of the people as a whole, and not for particular politicians and their supporters.

A course of action was agreed that all the politicians were certain would meet with the unanimous approval of the public.

At no time was there any discussion of who would get what position with all the perks that went with it. No-one demanded anything as the price of his/her support for the way forward. Everyone was united in the need to put the people of the country ahead of their own party or individual interests. Finishing their cups of tea, they all went home smiling, realising that the big winners from the day’s discussions were the people.

Having settled the easy problems, tomorrow they would drink more tea and tackle depopulation and other important issues in the same spirit of unity and unselfishness…

Daydreaming can sometimes relieve the implications of reality.

            Political Observer

            (Name and address supplied)

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