Napa touted as best choice for Cabinet

Friday June 22, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Selina Napa deserves a Cabinet post, a letter-writer says. 18062104 Selina Napa deserves a Cabinet post, a letter-writer says. 18062104

Dear Editor,

I am truly horrified that Noeline Browne has suggested that political newcomer Vaitoti Tupa would be a good choice to take one of the ministerial postings in a new government. OMG.

She also had the gall to even suggest that Tamaiava Tuavera would also make a good minister. Two times OMG!

The way I see it, Selina Napa of Titikaveka would be a far better choice.

In my opinion, she would be far better than both Tupa and Tuavera combined, by a country mile. And she would definitely give Cabinet some gender balance and perspective.

The same goes for Nooroa Baker. What an awesome, humble, hardworking, honest, gutsy, smart, and political savvy guy. I’d choose him way before Tupa or Tuavera.

We all know that Baker has been actively involved in national politics for many years so he has heaps of experience on that front. Plus Baker’s victory over Teariki Heather in last week’s election was probably the biggest shock of all!

So Baker deserves a senior ministerial posting within any new government.

As for Smiley Heather as prime minister if the Demo Party gain a majority within parliament?

As long as he surrounds himself with smart people who are genuinely committed to the betterment of this country and takes on board their advice when making decisions, why not? Let’s give Smiley a chance to prove himself as PM.

            Cook Islands First

            (Name and address supplied)

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