Compulsory voting would solve low turnout issue

Tuesday June 19, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Papa Williams. Papa Williams.

Dear Editor,

I read with interest in June 16’s CINews regarding the low voter turnout in this year’s general election and the fact that voter apathy has resulted in consistently ever lower voter turnouts during all elections since 2006.

This may likely force the hand of our new Demo government to, like Australia and other countries, to not only make voter registration mandatory, but to also make voting a mandatory requirement, with the usual legal repercussions for those who fail to fulfil their civic and legal duty to society. 

No doubt, there will be those who will say “it’s my freedom of choice if I want to vote or not!”, as several of my friends have smugly told me.

I say to them: “Yes, you’re quite right, but that very same express the freedom of choice right we’re all entitled to, also allows others the same choices to openly deceive, lie, cheat, defraud and bankrupt a nation, while ignoring their people’s very serious concerns, as an example. And then again, others would express it their right of choice to assault someone, or to even take another person’s life, should they choose to!”  

The point is, for the common good of all societies, including our own Cook Islands society, good, decent and simple common sense rules and laws are legislated in parliament and instituted for the good of our people. Which is why there are legal consequences for those citizens who choose to ignore and break those laws.

Thus, assault, manslaughter, murder, intent to commit a crime and fraudulent behaviour (otherwise known as “ripping someone off”), are examples of crimes against our people and our society, that we do not tolerate, and have therefore legislated against for the good of our society.

And so like Australia, we too must seriously look at the issue of mandatory voting during all future elections – and put in place the legal consequences for those who choose to ignore and flout (because they just don’t care – really?) their civic and legal voting duty and obligation during the election of a new government, to their people and our society. 

Yes, for the moral and obligatory betterment of our tiny but strong Te Ipukarea paradise, I hope and trust others in our country also express support for our new and caring Demo government to make voting mandatory.

“Let’s Make It Happen!” 

            Papa Williams

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  • Comment Link Warren Wichman Wednesday, 20 June 2018 13:09 posted by Warren Wichman

    Unfortunately this is statist mentality. No person or group of people calling themselves "government" can force their authority over anyone. Only if you consent to it. Just because you live in our islands, or a part of the community, does not mean you are obligated to be part of the "civil society", or that you can force a minority to do anything. It's only when you have free peaceful law biding responsible self governing men and women of our Islands, that we will have minimal government. The low voter turnout is indicative that our people don't see any change happening, no matter which party are in government. Legislating compulsory voting, is a waste of time, as it simply cannot be enforced and any action in the courts to prosecute for non-compliance, would be thrown out using some very basic Human Rights and Common Law. The real need is for our people to learn their Common Law rights (which have precedence over all legislation) and be freed from government interference. When you register to vote, you literally hand over all your Human Rights to the neo-colonial state and get some limited "civil rights" in return. Unfortunately that doesn't make a healthy free society. It makes an enslaved indebted society where the "civilians" are the slaves working and supporting their masters, which is "democracy". Politicians don't know even the basics of Human Rights and Common Law, so to advocate we hand over all personal responsibility to them and their system is nonsense. In finances alone, last time I checked, these people have approx 10,000 Cook Island voters, $450 million in debt! We need to wake up a little

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