Tax threshold increase could help cost of living

Thursday May 24, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This present government has made a number of decisions over the last two terms of parliament have affected many Cook Islanders.

These decisions were made despite serious protests from various sectors of the public.

The daily costs to Cook Islands households for essential goods and services are cripplingly high for average wage earners. Taxes on goods and services add to the normal commodity prices, but the added freight and fuel costs contribute to the final costs.

An increase in minimum wage is not the answer, as the increase will only be added to the cost of goods. An increase in the level of the tax threshold would be a better outcome for wage earners.

The proposed rebuild of the fire-damaged Apii Nikao was addressed by the school committee and PTA some time ago. They asked that the Chinese should not be allowed to do the rebuild.

This was supported by the general public of the area.  But again this government ignored the wishes of the community and went ahead anyway.

These are only some of the situations brought upon the people of the Cook Islands by this present government.

People of the Cook Islands should look at what is happening and decide if this government deserves a further term at the helm. A “yes” answer would be a disaster for the country and the future.

            Muri Voter

            (Name and address supplied

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