Ungrateful lot should pay their taxes

Monday May 21, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Grey Power members who get the New Zealand pension - double the pension I receive as a Cook Islander, want their pension paid here in the Cook Islands, but don’t want to pay tax.


I pay tax on my pension and I contribute to my country. Who are these grey heads who live most of their live in New Zealand, pay tax to New Zealand, then come home and expect a free ride? Excuse me, no thank you. If you want to come home, then pay tax.

Alternatively, go back to your cold home in Manurewa and try and live there on your New Zealand pension. You ungrateful lot! Those of us with grey hair have lived our lives here, paid taxes here, so you can come home and use the road, the hospital, the bus and you still want to keep all the money to yourself.

Dennis Tunui, pay your tax to New Zealand if you don’t want to contribute to our community. You want a free ride while our local pa metua pay tax on their pension.

Give me a break. You do not speak on my behalf or on behalf of many pa metua that have lived here all their lives.

Pay what you owe either to New Zealand which demands it be paid there or here, or go back to Manurewa and see if you can survive on the money you get. It’s so much more then I get.

            Truth Seeka

            (Name and address supplied)

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