Free to risk life and limb without OSH regulations

Friday May 18, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I couldn't agree more with Des Eggleton on the introduction of Occupational Health and Safety to the Cook Islands. 

This insidious organisation preys on our fears and delights in controlling our lives. It acts like a mafia, extracting money from everyone who wants to do anything other than live in a padded cell. (Actually, I'm not sure about that one. They probably have regulations, licences and compliance costs for padded cells too). 

I live on a remote island and enjoy my freedom from OSH. I have the ability to build unhindered, to act unlicensed, risk my life standing on the back of a moving pickup and all without sweltering in protective helmets, gloves, harnesses, boots, face masks, earmuffs, suits and piles of useless paperwork.  OSH has gone well beyond the point where it spends a life's work to save a life.  This is real economic madness with huge costs and no net benefit.

If OSH cannot be stopped at the Rarotonga border, please do not let it cross the sea to Atiu.

            Roger Malcolm

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