Party politics rears its ugly head

Friday May 04, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Rose Brown – a victim of party politics? Rose Brown – a victim of party politics?

Dear Editor,

Yet again, party politics has reared its ugly head – a form of dictatorship camouflaged as democracy, controlling its members rather than allowing freedom of expression.


Last year, the by-election held in Avatiu showed the greed of party politics at its best.

This had nothing to do with democracy, it was created to satisfy party politics. There was no need for the by-election!

The other night I watched Mark Brown on TV, talking about Rose Brown’s family scenario in relation to the upcoming elections and party politics.

Rose Brown was not accepted as a CIP candidate because her daughter was standing as a Demo candidate – the opposing party!

Well people, welcome to DEMOCRACY!

I don’t blame Mark Brown for thinking that way, as that is the mindset of party politics – you stand for me, you work for me, you become MY property – PARTY property!

I have always taken the stance that to truly represent my village of Titikaveka, I belong to the people of Titikaveka. They make the decisions for Titikaveka, they own me – WE DO NOT BELONG TO ANY PARTY.

I have always advocated for my family to vote according to their conscience and not according to family ties. That is their God-given right.

Let’s use it or lose it.

                Teava Iro

                Oire Titikaveka

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