Machiavellian machinations and mismanagement

Monday April 16, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Well, well! Following the ‘breaking news’ announcement on CITV last week (which was apparently also revealed earlier during the CI Radio 6pm news session), the QR Tom Marsters has dissolved parliament (as advised by PM Puna to His Excellency of course), with the date of the 2018 election set as Thursday, June 14.


We then had the ludicrous scenario of our nation’s leader, PM Puna, then running away to an “appointment” – obviously for important government business!

Of course, what else could we expect from this disappointment of a leader, this very unpopular and well-disliked ‘leader of one” (himself), who for many years has had leadership problems and challenges from within his own CIP organisation, but who has also brought our tiny, fragile paradise to the brink of disaster, not once or twice, but constantly!

See guys, that’s the result of telling too many porkies to us!

Together with his accomplice-in-arms, finance minister Mark Brown, they have bankrupted us. (No audit of our nation’s finances for some five years, REALLY? What’s our kaiou status? And even more importantly, ‘Where is the money?’)

And then they state publicly upon their return home from the taxpayer-funded ‘state visit’ to New Zealand that they saw “more ideas progress in seven days than the Cook Islands has likely seen over the past four years”.

That simple statement by itself really raises even more issues! Then what the bloody hell have you guys been doing for the past four years then? Trying to figure out how to run the country? Because you guys really, really had no idea!

So instead, you decide to wing it, and make up the rules as you further mismanage and ruin our country with your arrogant, “I’m the PM/FM/Cabinet Minister/MP/HOM/CIP President-Secretary-Treasurer-Somebody/Hanger-onner – and nobody tells me what to do, especially any of the likes of you, because I’m Somebody!”

Yes, you CIP are insane! It’s crystal-clear to us all that absolute power has corrupted you absolutely!

In any case Henry and Mark, sorry, but I really believe that it’s been the past nearly eight years, not four years, that you guys have been playing the game of learning what it takes to run the country.

And oh well, at least you guys will have the absolute and ignominious legendary status of being the absolute worst and most useless mismanagers and bankrupters of the Cook Islands national finances in our 53 years of self-governing existence!

But you know what guys, that’s no easy feat to achieve! I mean, as long as you know that WE your people shall NEVER forget what you have done to us, and our country. Yes, like our ANZACs, we shall always remember, and we shall never forget! Yeah, never forget your stupidity!

Yes, you stupid, arrogant people! As qualified, proveable and defined by your very

 own actions as a result of your nearly eight years of documented CIP government mismanagement, where we can all prove that you failed the country fiscally, absolutely bankrupting us, again begging the question, ‘Where is the money?’ And it ain’t a rhetorical question either!

Puna’s decision to call an early election, after refuting and denying the rumours mere weeks ago, will have severe financial repercussions.

He didn’t call parliament to sit to pass the budget for the rest of this financial year (afraid of a leadership challenge, bloody coward!) – instead he puts the country at risk, with

 insufficient money for government ministries to operate.

After all, what now is the status of this year’s Te Maeva Nui Celebrations, and the chartered ships to pick up the people of the Pa Enua? Well, Henry doesn’t care, because as long as he gets his travel fix, likely paid indirectly by the taxpayer, well, this dedicated and big fan of the infamous Machiavelli will just suavely and smoothly, like a well-oiled and slippery venomous snake, wheedle and weasel his way through those resistant, with his smooth-mannered style of talking!

“It is important that you should have the reputation of being honest, otherwise no one will trust you. However, from time to time you will have to lie, and then you will have to carry it off with ease and authority.” This well-known quote is attributed to Machiavelli, ‘the master of deviousness and deceit’.

History and countries are littered with the principles of Machiavelli’s students and admirers, as disseminated politically, socially and in whatever manner they’d chosen to effect his teachings.

Let us just say that the inclusion of anything Machiavellian has torn asunder allegiances, friendships, comrades, royalty and subjects, governments, caused wars and economic poverty, caused murders, and the total degradation, breakdown and moral collapse of many societies.

Essentially, those followers of Machiavelli were a scourge upon humanity and mankind, always manipulating others and always following their own agendas, always to the detriment of all others.

So, you have now been informed, and warned! Choose carefully who you vote for, for it’s all about our Cook Islands future existence as a people, and a country.

Vote Demo – wipe out the CIP power-hungry!

Think and vote smart!


            (Name and address supplied)

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