The Cook Islands ‘injustice system’

Friday April 13, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Wilkie Rasmussen. Wilkie Rasmussen.

Dear Editor,

Wilkie Rasmussen’s CINews article from last Tuesday regarding the state of the Cook Islands justice system’s obvious prejudice, which clearly favours the ‘elite’ within our society (as also alluded to by Kata’s ‘Ministry of Injustice’ cartoon in Wednesday’s paper, which was also very much spot on!), really leaves a sour taste in my mouth, as it should do for all of us.


It is tragically obvious that the rule of law is not only a big joke in the Cook Islands, it’s also very much absent – which explains a lot about how our double standard, sad-arsed justice system is clearly manipulated with intent by those tasked to apply fair and equitable justice without prejudice, fear or favour!

A friend of mine was recently telling me about ‘Equality of the Rule of Law’, and its importance in any and all societies – for without it you will have chaos, civil disorder and disobedience becoming the norm, simply because ‘Inequality of the Rule of Law’ has now become the new rule of thumb.

And with societal injustice now permanently distorting our comprehension and understanding of the right and wrong norms, it will simply further corrupt and corrode our moral values, which can only lead to the absolute, total and irreversible breakdown of the integral fabric of our society!

This is an indictment of our Cook Islands justice system, and is the type of behaviour one would expect of a third-world banana republic!

Does this display of injustice Cook Islands-style typify how those outside our paradise now view us?

That is likely the case, which shows that whatever court of law training given our JPs is either way substandard and possibly of the quality benchmarked for third-world banana republic countries – which in itself would explain a great deal – or perhaps the individuals themselves simply did not grasp the true and correct comprehension of what fair and equitable justice is all about, because they have most certainly failed to effect ‘Equality of the Rule of Law’, especially as far as court cases past and present involving police officers and those deemed ‘elite’ are concerned!

For such is the nature of the many instances of justice, as is dished out to we lesser mortals who have transgressed and broken the law, while on the other hand, the law is clearly observed to be unfairly biased towards protecting those privileged and elitist Cook Islanders of standing in our society.

This ‘elite’ group involves politicians and their friends and families; police personnel and their friends and families; politically connected persons and/or ‘monied-up’ individuals and society celebrities, etc who more often than not escape conviction and prosecution because of a distorted Cook Islands Injustice System intentionally hammering we lesser mortals!

Visualise those three monkeys with their ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ mandate.

Is it any wonder then that we lesser mortals feel as if we’re being misled by a bunch of monkeys swinging from the rafters? Because clearly we are!

If the distorted inequity of this applied and corrupted injustice in our paradise is allowed to continue unchecked and unabated, then we can but only look forward to the sort of society one would more expect as coming from third-world countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia or Sudan.

Societies where the rule of law is virtually non-existent, and where social chaos, civil unrest and disorder very much becomes the order of the day.

It only takes one tiny sliver of injustice to poison, corrupt and forever distort the moral and integral fabric of our society.

We can but only trust and pray that one day in the future our distorted Injustice System will be corrected with a full review and complete overhaul of our Cook Islands Judiciary.

Time will tell…

Truthfully Yours,

            Patriotic Cook Islander

            (Name and address supplied)

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