Smoke Signals

Friday April 13, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Another year, another long queue for new road licencing. Another year, another long queue for new road licencing.


The total waste of time for people to queue up for hours for their annual license at the BCI really gets peoples noses out of joint and rightly so!

Happens every year and every new year nothing changes. Just like political reform – every four years there is an intense debate and nothing happens.


The PM needs to come clean and be truthful as to the exact number of representatives (politicians, officials, wives) that comprised the country’s delegation on the state visit to New Zealand. Was the PM’s private secretary included? Word has it that she was in New Zealand during the recent state visit. Coincidence? Hardly. So who paid for her travel expenses? The taxpayers of New Zealand or Cook Islands? And why was she included? Surely the bunch of senior officials who accompanied the delegation was more than adequate?


Well, praise the Lord for the letter writer of Monday, April 9, making it clear that the Pope believes in hell. I’ve been having a ‘hell’ of a time explaining the concept of good and bad, heaven and hell, to my teenagers after they thought the Pope had denied hell. The kids were pretty hard on Mum and me – after all we’ve kept them on the straight and narrow since they were old enough to be dragged to Sunday School and learn all of the things that get us tossed into the fiery furnace. Again, thank you letter writer – the kids have settled down, the fear of eternal torture has been re-established and all is well at the Vatican.


Talking about political reform, can anyone else see through the OCI/Bishop political reform agenda? Why are the seats in the Northern Group unreformed in this private bill by OCI? Rakahanga is the obvious seat and what about Penrhyn merging with Manihiki? Was it to get the PM to support it in parliament as long as it doesn’t affect Manihiki? Come on, we need real reform, not one where I scratch your back and you scratch mine – those old political tricks.


Now is the time after the rain and flooding for PM Puna to do an inspection of the roads on Rarotonga. But try a motorbike this time and take my advice – wear a helmet, it’s a pothole minefield out there!


What is going on down at the Ministry of Culture? The Ngatangiia CIP candidate for the next election has been preparing and conducting his campaign at the Ministry of Culture while earning his salary and probably with the full knowledge of the HOM. Will Public Service Commissioner Russell Thomas investigate? Let’s hope so, but don’t count on it – and if he does and there is proof the PSC will just suspend him on full pay! So, good news for the candidate – he can really concentrate on his campaign and have cash!

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