Time to make a change

Friday April 13, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Aotearoa, ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’, is my country of birth – one parent from here, one parent from there.


And like many others of similar and humble beginnings, I too have my own lifetime’s experiences and observations with which to call upon, having lived and worked many years in both lands.

Reflecting upon nearly 60 years lived in both paradise countries, and having spoken with many people the world over (including those from our neighbouring sister islands of Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, etc), what always comes through is that we Cook Islanders are really very lucky to have this ‘special relationship’ with New Zealand as New Zealand citizens, accorded full Kiwi privileges and entitlements as a result.

Yes indeed, we are very privileged! And like our families and fellow Kiwi citizens of Aotearoa last October, they too had the good luck and privilege of getting a new coalition government, made up of Labour and the Greens headed by the new, young and vivacious PM Jacinda Ardern, together with their coalition partner NZ First, ably headed by the ever-mercurial, well-seasoned veteran and new DPM Winston Peters.

And too right, Kiwis did indeed make those changes collectively, deciding that it really was time for change. Now they’re fully embracing their new government.

Well, don’t the Kiwis just adore this new, refreshing coalition government, who are keen and eager to listen to their people? Replacing a haggard old National party, one that the New Zealand public had finally had enough of after three long and harrowing terms, now it’s up to Ardern and Peters to create even more Kiwi magic and further secure their economic, societal and future well-being!

This year of 2018 in our Cook Islands paradise, we all shall have the opportunity to elect a new government, if that is what our people really do want.

We’ve had almost eight years of this Puna and Brown CIP government, and we now have the opportunity to possibly elect the Demo Party as the new government.

Led by businesswoman Tina Browne, success at securing Rakahanga and becoming their new MP is likely to see Tina become the Cook Islands’ very first female PM.

And with that reality and Team Demo securing government, we can finally look forward to a better and brighter future for our people.

But first, Team Demo have no choice but to fix this CIP’s economic mess!

In life, we all have decisions and choices that we must make. And in doing so, not only are you being responsible, transparent and accountable to yourself, but you inherently and conscionably choose to make those wonderful and life-changing decisions, fully understanding your family, friends, colleagues and, by circumstance, even your foes and enemies will benefit when your determined actions encourage others to also demand and help to change a government that has lost the confidence and support of its people.

Clearly and irrevocably, ‘It’s Time for Change!’

A new government with a vision and a plan to promote targeted economic development to create, grow and secure our country’s economic and societal future.

Our primary industries of agriculture, the realignment of our fisheries resources priorities, tightening up of government’s commitment to incentivised funding streams for priority areas within the private sector.

And then of course there is the added opportunity for our NZ Cook Islands superannuitants to come back home, hopefully with family members in tow, investing in housing renovations or building new homes. So yes, welcome home!

The fresh opportunities bringing about these new and needed changes will mean improvement and betterment for our people, and the future economic well-being of our society.

And of course, we really do know that it has always been about our people always being our number one priority.

Make a difference – it’s time for change!

            Loyal Cookie

            (Name and address supplied)

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