Action on Akaoa roads no thanks to government

Tuesday March 20, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Watching the CITV the other night I was impressed by Nooroa Baker telling the people about the roads in Akaoa, and how he met with two ministers and both said they would do something about it. 


I don’t think anything happened from his meeting with the two CIP ministers, because Nooroa Baker had to look for help somewhere other than the government, and he got it! The roads have been improved, not greatly, but improved, and that’s a start.


But seriously, Mr Baker, did you really think the government was going to fix those craters in Akaoa when you asked?


You are not a CIP MP or a supporter, but full credit to you for finding a way. 

There is talk that the deputy prime minister, Teariki Heather, who is the Infrastructure Cook Islands minister, and his Cabinet, are not talking or working together. They are too busy fighting to think about us people. No wonder our roads all around the Cook Islands are falling into bits, except the nice one in Nikao.


We have to pay for damage to our motor bikes and vehicles, but I don’t see these big truck companies paying for the roads they are breaking around the island. Look at the back road bridge not far from the prison in Arorangi. One day soon that bridge will collapse and somebody will get hurt or worse, die, but they won’t do anything until something bad happens. No-one wants to be dutiful; they will point the finger to each other, even the prime minister he won’t be dutiful and do anything to Teariki Heather. I believe it is because he is too scared.


I have had to pay for damage to my motorbike because of the road and I’m still paying the loan off, so I’ve been hit twice in my pocket. Not just me, my mother as well!


She is a careful rider but has had to buy three new front tyres in the last 18 months because her tyres got cut or torn so bad hitting pot holes. The Motor Centre gets their money for the new tyres and the government gets mama's VAT. But why should this 75 years old mama pay when it’s not her fault?


If she wasn’t such a private person she would have gone to the paper and shown how her almost-new tyres cannot be used again. This is a pensioner. It seems our Government hits the Grey Power organisation members with taxes and then hits them again with bad roads. Nooroa Baker, when you become the MP for Akaoa, please never ever forget us; work together, fix the roads and keep them safe not just in Akaoa but everywhere, and fight hard, listen harder for all the people of Akaoa who will be putting their trust in you this election.


Good on you boy!


Mama Papu Mataara.

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