Considering past and current follies

Monday March 19, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
The decaying Sheraton Hotel still stands as a reminder of past mistakes. 18031801 The decaying Sheraton Hotel still stands as a reminder of past mistakes. 18031801

Dear Editor,

 Like the letter from ‘Political Observer’ on Friday, March 9, I too would like to acknowledge Opposition Office CEO Wilkie Rasmussen and Team Demo, for courageously raising the issue of the need for political reform, which we all know is well overdue.


Included also, is the sheer necessity of having a truly independent commission (one totally free of influence and favour from those with financial self-interest and/or their own political agenda) requested and tasked to oversee and address this very divisive issue.

And yes, ‘PO’ is absolutely spot-on in assessing Puna and his buddies as being very reluctant to look into this issue. Which is why it is imperative to not only discuss the broad aspects of political reform and its ramifications, but also to put in place a fully independent commission, which will achieve a rational, logical and righteous outcome as a result of impartiality and neutrality, for the true benefit of our people.

What a ridiculous and redundant comment: “This is not 1964. We are responsible for our own affairs and it is up to us to take charge of our own political reform process.” Have you forgotten about the 1990s, when our government of the day bankrupted our country, and then Big Brother had no choice but to come to our rescue and troubleshoot our position clear for us?

As far as this 2018 issue of political reform goes, it would be irresponsible of our government – tantamount to dereliction of their duty – should they at the very least not even contemplate seeking Big Brother’s help!

Yes, we may be responsible for our own affairs, but that ‘responsibility’ aspect does not preclude us from the very serious consideration as New Zealand citizens to in fact seek specific and independent help, should we ever require it from Aotearoa!

And should you for one moment believe that we as our own self-governing country have the capacity and capability to in fact do the right thing for ourselves without consultation with Big Brother, and without consequential mitigation, well, here are some reminders of past and current follies:

Cable and Wireless; Sheraton/Vaimanga Project; Offshore Banking Industry; Letters of Guarantee; Winebox Enquiry; The Rarotongan Hotel Sale; CIPA; CIDB; Pearl Industry Aid Assistance; Toa Petroleum; Colagate; EU Purse Seining Agreement; Te Mato Vai Project; and the tax amnesty writeoff issue.

These are all examples of our own governments’ history of sheer stupidity, incompetence and arrogance in falsely believing they knew at the time what they were doing. Well, they were then and still are today, bloody big-headed and arrogant know-it-alls, who certainly failed their people, without ever learning from their past failures!

With this historical governmental background of these past idiot actions, do you really believe that we can finally get it right ‘this time’, just because you really believe you’re right?

Buddy, from my point of view, based on these examples as proof of our inability to be responsible and accountable to our own people, your mindset is rather warped – akin to delusion! Get over it – when we need help, we shall ask for it!

Bluntly, we will need that help not if, but when we are ready to seek it. And when that time comes, it will demonstrate to our people a considerate government’s absolute commitment to responsibility, transparency and accountability, as it is elected and mandated to do, in the best interests of our country.

However, to achieve a truly independent, neutral and impartial decision, it would be virtually impossible to select such an individual, or a team of individuals, who would be without political or economic influence or favour within our tiny country. After all, just who would have this unenviable and onerous task of choosing, without having any sort of conflict of interest consideration?

As such, it stands to reason that as a tiny country, everybody virtually knows everybody, by association and network, so it is virtually impossible to find someone or a group of individuals deemed acceptable without reservation.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion we can look at would be to seek the advice and assistance from Big Brother NZ in helping to address any rather challenging problems we face – for example, by requesting that the New Zealand Auditor-General assist us in the area of auditing our country’s finances.

The truth is, we have made enough mistakes in the past – let us not continue to fail our people as a result of false pride!

Ka Kite e Kia Manuia,

            Papa Williams

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