Dogs shot for a reason...

Friday March 16, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Regarding the letter to the editor of CI News claiming that dogs are “private property”, police do not destroy dogs without reason.


There may have been serious reasons unknown to the letter-writer as to why the dogs in question were put down.

You don’t have any right to sue the police if your dog has been destroyed because it attacks, chases, or bites anyone in a public area. Cats are obviously different from dogs and you can’t compare the two.

It should also be pointed out to the letter-writer that our dog control laws are Cook Islands laws, not those of Tahiti. We have a Cook Islands government, not a French one.

As far as police being able to enter your private property is concerned, read the Dog Amendment Act 1992, section 15 and try to understand it.

This is the law of the Cook Islands created by the government for Cook Islanders. 

I’d like to ask how long the letter-writer has owned dogs here in the Cook Islands.

Hey, if you don’t like our law, don’t come here and try to change it to suit you. Within this past decade, I was the one doing the dog ranger’s job. Where were you? Why didn’t you speak out about this matter then?

If you don’t like what the police do here in the Cook Islands your jet plane can take you back to Tahiti – simple.

Please do not rubbish our laws.

            Joe Ngatae

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