Serious matters to consider

Tuesday March 13, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Adern, deputy PM Winston Peters and their delegation have left and it’s time to reflect on the serious issues that await us.


Problems involving depopulation, immigration, the economy, vulture, mental health, social and youth issues, foreign affairs, UN membership, New Zealand citizenship, law and order, political reform, the environment, commerce competition, climate change and audit issues - amongst a raft of others, simply demonstrate the huge amount of work needed to better secure our country’s future.

This year’s general election will be a defining time for all of us. The question begs: do we privilege this CIP government to another term of governing us, knowing full well that they’ve ruined and failed us socially, politically, economically, judicially and probably mentally? Or do we give the Demos that opportunity to lead?

The actions of the Opposition in parliament re the core tax write-off which the CIP and OCI MPs supported, are to be commended. The issues raised by the Demos in discussion with Adern and Peters, are concerns many will agree with. It’s time for the Demos to lead us out of the mess we’re in. Unlike our present government, which didn’t have policies in place and just winged it, the Demos will give us their master plan and show us the way forward.

With the blessing given us by Ardern regarding pension portability et al, it is up to us to ensure we get the government we truly deserve; one which will pull us out of the financial mess we’re in.

            Proud Kuki

            (Name and address supplied)

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