Backlash against pastor

Monday March 05, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In regards to the backlash against Ngarima George over his thoughts on Jacinda Ardern – the reaction against the Pastor is typical when someone stands up on God's Word.

The sin and evil that has become commonplace now in all the world (and including here) reacts against a message of righteousness.

It can be clearly seen that as God and His Word are gradually removed from society through the banning of prayer, Bible readings, etc, that those communities suffer.

And yet when suffering does come upon us, we are so quick to turn around and say that if God was a good god, then why is He not doing anything?

I am not sure if they realise how hypocritical they are. I encourage Pastor George and other faithful Cook Islanders who serve the Lord to not bow down to the depraved and sin-infested philosophies of the world. Keep fighting the good fight.

Opposing evil and standing for righteousness will always bring a backlash and opposition.

Praise God for the miraculous work He did in the Pastor's heart to change him. What a Mighty God!

            Mike Crosby


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