Spreading the ‘economic gospel’

Monday March 05, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Listening this Thursday morning on Radio Matariki, where Murienua’s Demo MP James Beer was talking with William ‘The Don’ Framhein regarding our country’s Mickey-Mouse economy and the challenges facing our people and country, their captivating and informative discussion really revved me up, and compelled me to write this letter supporting MP Beer’s rational arguments, further validating our concerns!

Well Mr Beer, I was so taken by the comments you had made in your valid criticism of Puna and Brown’s Mickey Mouse crew we call a government, I’ll talk with family members and friends, and we’ll help to spread your “economic gospel”.

The reality is, our country is in an alarming position as a result of this current government’s actions.

Some of them are: Corruption allegations and conflicts of interest by Crown Ministers; misuse/mismanagement of taxpayers’ monies; the UN seat bid et al; and the over-arching influence of China and their money – or “investment” as they prefer!

At this point I would note that the ‘Chinese are coming’ letter in Thursday’s March 1 CINews issue was depressingly worrying because the insidious nature of the Chinese puts them all over the globe – we should be ensuring they are not given the opportunity to dominate us also!

And of course the core tax writeoff, where there really should be a proper inquiry, with Big Brother NZ’s assistance!

Mr Beer, I look forward to not only your Demo Party forming a majority government with our mandate and full support, but to you introducing a complete revamp of economic policies and measures, focussing on the simple truth to us tangata whenua, about how and why Puna and Brown and co were able to screw us over the way they did, so that it’ll never be allowed to happen again!

In other words, a Commission of Inquiry filling us in on all their corrupt CIP doings and actions, with you at the helm as minister of finance to make sure it happens, and led by our very first woman prime minister Tina Browne, with a government who will honour our people, and listen to us!

That’s all, Mr Beer. Good luck, campaign hard, and succeed handsomely to be our new government!

Resolutely yours,

            Patriotic Cookie

            (Name and address supplied)

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