If you don’t like it then go back home

Wednesday February 21, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

It’s just my opinion, freedom of thought and expression, says ‘The Unionist’. Man, you must have plenty of time on your hands to write these long articles to the paper. I trust your boss is aware of your stance on various issues.


If you are so dissatisfied with the place, why haven’t you left? Or is it you cannot get the New Zealand or Australian press to print your views?

In Monday’s paper you were advocating “trapped” contract workers who are “unable to leave their abusive employer” and then conclude, “Like my comments, it’s just an opinion – and everyone is welcome to an opinion”.

Why is the paper printing these ‘opinions’? Is it because they are free and there is no other news or page fillers?

Like some, ‘The Unionist’ arrived on the beach, liked the look of the girls or boys, and found a nice quiet bolthole that once belonged to a Cook Islander, where he hides away and writes pages of opinions to the paper while filling a salaried position.

Come on koe, write this drivel in your own country.

There are contract workers who are here to work, upskilling themselves with the trade school, moonlighting for additional cash and bringing their families here (illegally), all to progress their lives.

We even have religious contract workers having their own services, and sports imports to make up numbers.

Are they really being mistreated while earning more money than they ever could in their own countries? Or is this all daydreaming by an ‘utu panu’ with too much time on his hands?

There will always be good and bad, but when weighed up with the freedom and wealth our country affords, those privileged to be in our country should be grateful to be here breathing our beautiful fresh air.

If this comes across as racist, then so be it – it’s my country and should be protected for my people, and if the Unionist and those contract workers he writes for don’t like it, then go back home people!

            Cook Islander

            (Name and address supplied)


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