Wilkie’s aim is off

Wednesday February 14, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

I write to ask that you correct the mistake that your columnist Wilkie Rasmussen makes when he implies I am the author of an unkind and savage letter to the editor of CINews using the pseudonym, “Blue Corner”, which appeared in the paper recently


I need to throw a few questions in the hat while I have this opportunity.

If he is wrong about this one, how many times has he been wrongly accusing me of doing things I never did?

How does Wilkie have the time to write lengthy, personal, self-praising columns about himself, then practice law, then act as the chief executive of the Opposition?

What research is being conducted and briefings prepared for Opposition MPs before and during parliamentary sittings each day? 

Am I the only ex-politician and lawyer on a political scrap heap? It can’t be Bob Jones either!

Why is Wilkie’s private writings headed Tropical Chronicles followed by the chief executive for the Leader of the Opposition, when the articles have nothing to do with that office!?

Wilkie, relax. If I want to attack you, it will be in your face with my name tattooed on it.

Be fair to the Democratic Party and the Opposition Office. Settle down, measure up, or hand the job over to Tupou Faireka or Paul Allsworth.

You owe me an apology but your modus operandi tells me you won’t apologise! Don’t stay spooked Wilkie; improve your standards and stop playing what seems to me to be dirty politics. You do not possess a single quality that I want. There is no jealousy issue whatsoever.

As I have better things to do with my time, I will not start a marathon round of abusive letter writing with Wilkie. I will not respond to any further comments from Wilkie or anyone else.

Editor, please further confirm that I do not write anonymous letters to the editor.

            Norman George

            From the purple corner


Editor’s note: This is to confirm that Norman George does not write anonymous letters to CINews.

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