Tax write off seems illegal under Constitution

Tuesday February 13, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

If any of the lawyers and advisors from all political parties were to read the Articles in the Constitution they would see that the government’s recent decision to write off all tax and penalties owed by individuals and companies in the years up to 2010, appears to be illegal.


Maybe they are sponging the system. Different mask, covering the same animal regardless of who is in power. To me, it paints the picture of another cover-up. Mike Carr and others write to express their concerns, as they have every right to do as individuals under the Constitution.

 Article 64, part b, clearly sets out the rights of individuals to equality before the law.

So many Mums and Dads pay taxes, while others get a “buddy” pass?

Again in article 69 it states, “All taxes and money raised or received...shall be paid”.

The Constitution clearly states every person has a duty to others to pay their taxes.

Maybe this seemingly corrupt act is like a water off a duck’s back considering the unlawful raiding of Grey Power members’ bank accounts a few years ago. Neglect of High Court injunctions involving landowners over Te Mato Vai project? Payouts to Manihiki landowners but not to Te Mato Vai landowners.

The law states what is written, not the dreamed-up ideas of bureaucrats. Or is it the case that all laws can be broken?

To take this further, if I commit a serious crime perhaps I can ask a Cabinet minister let me off, even if someone died because of my actions.

Laws are made for peace, order and good governance. The Crown is responsible to the people or there will always be unrest.

            James Thomson

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