Tax decision comes at a huge cost for island

Wednesday February 07, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

So the government has decided to wipe off $18m in tax that is rightfully owed to this country. 


Instead of writing it off, the government should give the RMD extra powers to collect it!! 

This amount is not owed by us the wage and salary workers, this is owed by business people with political connections, who have gamed the system for years. 

Shame on them, and shame on this government.

Imagine what could be achieved with an extra $18 million dollars. We could pay our police a proper wage. We could equip our hospital with all sort of necessary equipment and supplies. We could resource our schools. We could seal half of Rarotonga’s roads in “hot mix”. The list goes on, all to the betterment of all our people, not a favoured few.

This is totally irresponsible of the government

            Paye Taxpayer

            (Name and address supplied)


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  • Comment Link Steve Somerset Wednesday, 07 February 2018 13:24 posted by Steve Somerset

    The individual employee have had these deductions taken from their pay given to their employer in trust that the funds are remitted, given, to the Government. These companies involved are fraudulent in not remitting funds collected from their employees.
    Every employer who has failed to remit should be fined an equivalent amount. It is not the employees fault and it is the employees who do not benefit from government programs that could,should be implemented with these funds.
    By allowing companies not to pay is enabling companies to be dishonest and thieves.
    These companies rightfully should return the funds back to the employee as they have no right to use those funds in the first place.
    Steve Somerset

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