‘Where is the money?’

Tuesday February 06, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

The letter from ‘Ever Hopeful but Ever Dismayed’ (EHBED) in CINews on Saturday was correct in criticising “the current mob in political power”, our current government.


For nearly eight years, this government has politically, socially and economically mismanaged our country to the point of virtual breakdown, amid an increase in youth/juvenile crime and suicide statistics, a flood of mental health issues, and the continued outflow of our people to greener pastures in New Zealand and Australia.

And as we appear to be virtually bankrupt, our people are now asking PM Henry Puna and finance minister Mark Brown this simple but relevant question: “Where is the money?”

And as a result, you’ve formed your view/opinion of this current mob that I, and no doubt many others, would definitely agree with, in some areas.

But your irrational assertion that “the opposition politicians, and the intending new entrants to both mobs, are no less ruthless; they are simply frustrated with the wait for their turn to plunder” warrants criticism.

EHBED is no different to those who don’t even bother to check or properly research the real and true facts before making these wild claims, and you have the firm belief that your views are correct when in fact they’re very wrong!

Your biased misconceptions, failing all proper and accurate research for veracity of these general public perceptions, are in fact not true. And in most cases they are fabricated and further manipulated as if true – in other words, propaganda.

And that perception is maintained, due to simple ignorance plus the unwillingness of EHBED and others to find the truth through effective and diligent research.

Your criticism of the opposition politicians, virtually accusing them of being the same as those in this current CIP government, is unfair. If the opposition politicians and government were to be formally investigated by the Justice Ministry (ably assisted by the New Zealand Serious Fraud Office), the truth would come out and I believe the consequences for the government would be dire.

EHBED’s irrational comment about the Demos waiting for their turn to plunder is not true. In any case, I believe there is actually no real money left in the coffers as a direct result of this government’s poor economic planning and financial mismanagement.

So again, “Where is the money?”

The reality is that our country and economy will take rebuilding, and to those individuals who have bravely taken it upon themselves to look after and govern their people the best they can, I say, “Better you than me”.

This task is thankless. People do not bother to show their appreciation, but you will be criticised a great deal and you will become a sitting duck as an elected public figure, with a corresponding lack of privacy.

EHBED unfairly criticises the opposition politicians because of his or her biased misconceptions. If would-be politicians take EHBED’s comments to heart, maybe no one new will stand as an MP, and the status quo will continue. And that would be intolerable.

            Papa Williams


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