Donated tractor difficult to miss

Tuesday January 16, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

William Framhein enquired in a letter published in CINews on Saturday as to the whereabouts of the tractor and the agricultural machinery donated by the Chinese government.


A tractor and implements were donated to the Tupapa Growers’ Association way back in the day. About 10 years ago. It’s a big red one. John Kamana drives it past Framhein’s place quite often. I don’t know how he misses it. It’s a huge 75 horsepower monster.

As for the Chinese equipment which equipment? The tracto is also Chinese equipment.

Ownership of the rotary hoes, mulcher, mist blowers etc was transferred from the Member of Parliament to Te Tango Enua O Tupapa – the Cook Islands Food Security & Self Reliance Group Inc.

The donation of these implements was recorded on TV and in the newspaper. If anyone has any queries regarding this equipment, come and see me.

The question that should be asked regarding all this equipment that has been donated, is where are the crops that should be in abundance enough to export?

Maybe the farmers are spending too much time writing and replying to letters.

Yes, it’s election year this year. If anyone wants to join the race, don’t insult our intelligence by running down our elected Member of Parliament.

You show us what you have done for your community, in the last 20 years, and we will consider you. Don’t come to us with promises of what you are going to do. Those days are gone.

Daniel Mataroa,


Te Tango Enua O Tupapa - Cook Islands Food Security & Self Reliance Group Inc

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