Intruders add sour note to island holiday

Wednesday January 03, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

We stayed at Vaimaanga for two weeks recently and had the discomfort of two lots of intruders.


Our second night at Vaimaanga was interrupted by an intruder around midnight, testing our door without success.

After we turned on a light, along with a loud message, the intruder ran off over our back deck, tripped on the steps to the garden and fell over, then ran away.

The second occasion was during our departure.

We woke early, at 4am, and packed up ready to go to the airport.

My wife could not find her handbag with our travel documents. Panic stations! She had placed it ready for departure in the lounge area.

I had loaded our five pieces in the boot of the rental car and had then gone inside.

 After frantic searching for the handbag I went out to the car and discovered one of our suitcases had been tampered with and the zips were open.

Then my wife exclaimed there was something on the roof of the car: It was her handbag, wide open in the rain.

We can only assume that the intruders were interrupted when I came out to the car and they ran off. Fortunately, our travel documents were still in the handbag.

Tourists visiting Rarotonga, take special care with your belongings. I suggest also that you keep a photocopy of your main passport page with photo and passport details, separately from your wallet or handbag.

Should you experience being robbed, the trauma of not being able to leave the island while your travel documentation is replaced, along with your holiday being spoiled, is more than disappointing in this tropical paradise.

            John Cooper

            (Name and address supplied)

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