Logic missing in Rasmussen criticism

Friday December 29, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

“Truth Seeka’s” letter in CINews on December 20 was an interesting and revealing read.


Actually, it was much like his vindictive letter of December 6, where all he did was castigate Wilkie Rasmussen for having the brains and simple common sense to file a formal complaint with the police, alleging extortion on the part of George Pitt.

It was clear it was a personal attack, with no attempt to rationalise logically why Rasmussen’s filed complaint, while lawful and just, was supposedly so wrong. Instead, “TS” just ranted and raved like a madman.

The reality is, Rasmussen, as an officer of the court, had no choice in the matter. For if he had made an arbitrary decision to go along with Pitt’s harebrained scheme, and it had blown up in his face (as may have been the original intention), the revelations of his knowledge and involvement in this scheme, and the unavoidable consequences could have had him disbarred. Then there would have been the ensuing humiliation that he would have suffered within the legal fraternity, the resultant loss of his legal career, and total political ostracism.

The ramifications for the Demo Party organisation would have been absolutely catastrophic. Simply, they would have totally imploded, because this scheme was clearly engineered to elevate those who stood to gain (bearing in mind, they would have been in the unenviable position where the tail would be wagging the dog, again), while effectively maximising terrible damage to “the other side, the Demos”.

So logically, only a brainless idiot would have accepted this plan, because there was no gain, let alone advantage, for the Demos at all! Which explains the only solution – go to the police.

This revamped Demo Party organisation, with leader Tina Browne at the helm, is all about respect, honesty, truth, compassion, love, dignity and integrity. These are values that our Cook Islands people truly deserve, values that form the moral and fundamental foundation of all societies globally, as is man’s inherent right. And that even includes you, “TS”, complete with your negative, vindictive and venomous attitude!

You don’t even have the fortitude to tell government (your CIP party government!), to formally instruct the justice system to investigate allegations and accusations of systematic government corruption, conflicts of interest, misuse of public monies, electoral bribery, political influence and interference in the judicial system.

I believe there are many more allegations and accusations could be levelled against this CIP government.  Truth Seeka should show some guts and demand that the CIP government show leadership, honesty, integrity, responsibility, transparency and accountability, and investigate themselves. Implore, yes beg them to prove me wrong. However, we all know they won’t investigate themselves because of the possible consequences.

“They” won’t listen to you, no-one will listen to you and there is no way we will ever see this government investigate themselves. So that would just confirm that you’re just a vindictive person who has a beef with Rasmussen and myself, probably because your “team” clearly knows that our people see the future is safe and secure with the Demos, and not your CIP government, which has betrayed the people, and, I believe, is now seen by many as finished, and totally disgraced! 

The fallout from Pitt’s attempted change of government would have totally devastated the Demo Party and virtually wiped them out politically, to the point where they wouldn’t have recovered. Looked at analytically, it was a cunning and devious plan, but as the Demos have proven, they’re not stupid and desperate, have learnt that patience is a virtue. They are a tight unit, committed and loyal to their people and their party, barring, of course, those being paid to effect damage and who are happy to “take the money, just to help this CIP government continue to stay in power, at any cost at all.

As for Truth Seeka’s vindictive attitude towards me, it warrants scant regard. However, I would like to point out that you don’t use your real name, but hide behind a nom de plume. Your ranting and raving is a cover for your ignorance. Had you used your real name, you would have been ridiculed and condemned publicly. 

You infer that I’m like George Pitt, which I refute. But here is an easy task I shall set for you. Just find one letter that shows I am disrespectful, dishonest, a downright rotten scoundrel liar, insulting and disloyal to my people and country! You mention our beloved Aotearoa Society whare in a derogative way. But I’d like to let you know I’ve not been back there to write my letters since the Te Maeva Nui wrap-up in August. I spoke with our president, Derek Fox, and apologised to him for this mention of the society in your letter. That’s because it came about as a result of my letter-writing, for which I am unfairly copping flak from nameless wonders. 

Finally, people such as PM Henry Puna, Finance minister Mark Brown, media mogul George Pitt, chief executive Wilkie Rasmussen, Demo leader Tina Browne, columnist Thomas Wynne, and other various people who write letters to the media choose to use their own names, and not hide behind a nom de plume.

They are to be commended because they will all stand up and take the accolades when given, as well as the boos.

Such is the reality of being in the public eye.

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