Dinner misses league women

Wednesday December 27, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I was a bit disappointed to read, there was no acknowledgement of our women’s rugby league World Cup squad at a recent appreciation dinner for our sporting heroes


Our women’s squad have proven that we Cook Islands can indeed compete at the highest level of a World event.

Sure, they got a baptism of fire to their introduction at this level of competition with a good thrashing by number one-ranked Australia and number two-ranked New Zealand.

However, like true warriors they bounced back to cause the big upset of the tournament defeating England the third-ranked nation in the World.

So I guess we can unofficially claim, Cook Islands is now ranked third in the world.

But perhaps this a bit too much of a claim. We should just settle to playing the minnow nations because there is a good chance we will win at this level and cause for more celebrations.

The moral of the story is, we need to wake up and stop dreaming about DMDs (“during my days”), because the rest of the Pacific have moved on.


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