Bishop called to task on Jesus’ birth and trees

Wednesday December 27, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I read the article from Bishop Tutai Pere regarding Christmas.


Two things he alluded to caught my attention: His assertion that Jesus did not command us to celebrate His birth, and that Christmas trees are idols.

Firstly, he is correct that God’s Word does not mention celebrating His birth and that it does specifically call us to remember His death. But on the other hand it does not prohibit it. If we worship our Lord and praise His name, then His birth becomes a source of incredible joy. We are thankful for that birth.

If the angels (and many others) felt it fine to raise up praise at His birth (Luke 2) and to celebrate the event, then surely it is not inappropriate for us also to praise the birth of Christ! He is the Saviour! How can we not be excited over Him being born into the world and God’s plan of salvation coming to the fore? Although no-one really knows the date of this event, it really doesn’t matter, since the main thing here is that Jesus the Christ was born and salvation was coming to the world!

Secondly, he seems to cite a passage from Jeremiah 10 and twists it to mean Christmas trees. I have heard this argument over and over again in the past and it is made by people who have not read the Word of God properly or who seek to deceive other people by not taking in the proper context.

It is abundantly clear (and very obvious), that this passage refers to the crafting of wooden idols - not Christmas trees, hence the cutting of a tree (where wood is derived from)!

Look at the words in this passage: “Work of the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool…they fasten it with nails and hammers”.  I am not sure how many Christmas trees I have come across that need to be worked by a carpenter. Then in verse 5 it talks about them not being able to speak, walk, etc and not to fear them for they can do no harm. Huh? Who needs to be warned that Christmas trees cannot speak or walk? So again, this is not decorating trees, this is all about God’s warning not to worship idols.

Christmas is a time where we can reflect on the most magnificent act of a Mighty God who gave us His Son to live on earth, live a perfect life and be the perfect sacrifice (through His death) for our sin.

It is through Jesus that we can be made right with God and that His wrath will pass us by. By simply believing and trusting that Jesus did what we could never do - earn our salvation. When we trust and believe, then we are welcomed into God’s eternal kingdom. What a Mighty God we have!

            God bless,



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  • Comment Link Josephine Samuel Monday, 01 January 2018 15:26 posted by Josephine Samuel

    Jesus was not born on December 25! It is pagan-slash-commercialisation. God's Word, the Bible tells us about Jesus when he was 12 years old till his 33rd year. As Christians, we worship, give thanks and praises to Him every day. Amen.

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