Column needs to be less ‘Wilkie-centric’

Wednesday December 27, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

An interesting piece of egocentric writing in your paper of December 18 was pointed out to me this week by colleagues.


Christmas is a time for renewing our faith and hope in God and in his promises and for deepening our love for God and for neighbour.

With that in mind, may Wilkie’s Tropical Chronicles column grow to be more wiser and less Wilkie-centric, more inclusive instead of narrow minded, able to stand up to the bright heat of constructive criticism rather than drafting in the “cowardly shadows of lesser fools”, and respectfully acknowledging an amazing nation of people that take their daily lead and growth from visionary leadership, strong sense of worth, and solid God foundations.

E te ra e….HI!

            Vaine Wichman



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