Chinese unlikely to like hotel plan

Wednesday December 27, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I read with interest the proposal by a local entrepreneur with an interesting history, to develop the abandoned so-called Sheraton Resort at Vaimaanga. 


He apparently has (so he states), Chinese investors who will develop the property and create similar resorts on the neighbour islands for holidaymakers from China.

Is he not aware that Asian, and particularly Chinese investors, are forward thinking, generations ahead, of any property purchases? Leasehold land is of no interest at all to them.

Well done Cook Islands for retaining your land for your people.

New Zealand property has been sacrificed to foreign investors buying up huge tracts of freehold land which will be theirs forever, lost to New Zealand.

Jacinda Arden, the new Labour prime minister, has an Act in parliament taking effect in February 2018, restricting foreign investors.

In the meantime, “JUWAI” the largest real estate company in the world has a month long blitz on Chinese TV and the media encouraging Chinese to purchase property in beautiful New Zealand before the act is signed into law.

Desmond Tutu’s famous statement in Africa some years ago said.

“The missionaries came to our land in Africa with their Bibles and we Africans had our land. Soon afterwards, we Africans had the Bibles and the missionaries had our land “

            John Cooper

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