‘Nobody’s wingman – and I never have been’

Tuesday December 19, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

It appears my letter in last week’s CINews has ruffled a few feathers in George Pitt's weekly newspaper, if "Special Correspondent’s” most recent article is anything to go by.


In it, he refers to me as Wilkie Rasmussen's "wingman", probably because it is widely viewed, that I am a proactive, dedicated and committed person who strongly takes issue with our current government. However, I would just like to clarify one point. I'm not anybody's “wingman” at all, and never have been.

Because of Wilkie Rasmussen's political standing, and the opinions I disseminate in some of my letters where yes, I admit I continually accuse this PM Puna-led CIP government of being corrupt, autocratic, incompetent, disrespectful of our people, and posing a very serious danger to this country's future. I believe that’s truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. So it's obvious both of us share similar views regarding our current government. And that view is that this government is no longer worthy of the privilege to govern this Te Ipukarea paradise country of ours, and our people!

So you can see, I really am my own man and I am upfront and honest enough to share views the majority of our people already have anyway; but fearlessly so!

Therefore, for me it’s, "Demo Way, The Only Way!"  And you know what? Let us not fool ourselves folks, because we all know it's true. Honesty is not just the best, but it's the only policy!

In fact, as we already know, even the government know that these accusations and allegations are true and can be proven. And all they can do is misinform us, and deny it. In other words, they continue to lie to us, with not a care in the world- and they'll continue to deceive our people, and will do anything just to stay in power.

Yes, power and tyranny, rather than simple respect, honesty, truth, pride, dignity, mana and integrity. So as a result, I support this newly revamped Democratic Party which with Tina Browne as its new leader, will earn the people's privilege to govern the country after almost eight years of incompetence, disrespect, indifference, in-your-face arrogance, misinformation and the outright porkies that we've had to endure. As the Cook Islands' first woman prime minister, she will also bring to the table her proven business and legal nous, the passion to work hard and intelligently to secure a better future for all of us, while also addressing gender disparity issues.  I believe she and the Demos will execute intelligent and the very best policy plans that our people will fully embrace. With the mandate and support of our people, they will lead this country in these very troubling times, and drive our country to real and true economic prosperity. The Demo Party, like we the Cook Islands people, personifies honesty, truth, respect, compassion and integrity. These values form the bedrock of all decent societies; for without these core fundamentals, you are nothing!

So “Special Correspondent,” to me, you are nothing. Your desperate and pathetic attempts at misinforming those who oppose this government, simply proves to me that you are being rewarded to put out all the rubbish that you do, because much of what you disseminate is irrational, illogical and is lacking in reality! In any case, you are being paid to undermine the people's party, so, you're just a puppet!

Please, allow me to prove my point. This all began because somebody, with a crazy monkey scheme (my apologies to monkeys) involving certain political figures. Something about a waffle and a queen, and a demand to be paid money directed to a person who also happens to be an…um, rhymes with “foyer”.

Anyway, following that debacle, “Foyer” made a complaint with the cops and in the process someone else got his knickers in a twist and threw a hissy-fit; and well folks, it's all downhill from there! See what happens when you're happy to take the moolah; you're just a puppet for "them"

Hissy-fit threw a tantrum when “Foyer” laid his complaint of a criminal action, alleging extortion was committed.  The irony I see, is, “Hissy-fit” must believe it's okay and hunky-dory for him to commit a crime against someone else, against our society's fundamental values. But if, hypothetically, he was to be physically assaulted, no way would he crawl off home and hide under a rock. He’d go straight to the police alleging a criminal action had been committed, that of assault, and he would expect it to go straight to court!

What a hypocrite! As seasoned criminals say, "Don't do the crime, if you're not prepared to do the time!"

Because it definitely ain't worth the money, honey

            Papa Williams

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