Political chessboard gets complicated

Tuesday December 12, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Analysing Observer's letter in last Saturday's edition of CI News had me thinking of the number of potential moves at publisher George Pitt's fingertips when he attempted to bring about a change of government a couple of weeks ago.


His options will have depended, of course, on what moves Democratic Party Office chief executive and lawyer Wilkie Rasmussen made following the public revelation of Pitt’s hare-brained scheme to change government.

It is feasible that whatever Rasmussen did, a planned response was already planned, simply because all possible moves were already pre-empted. That is what strategists must do after all - consider and explore all possibilities and exploit the tiniest opportunity.

Sometimes that opportunity may be as simple as stroking a person's, or even better, several persons’ egos, by continued dialogue with them, giving them the old, "I'm your buddy, you can trust me, cos I'll take you places, I'll make you somebody, my friend,” line, while perhaps promising them some free media exposure (just as an example). In the meantime, this arrangement is undermining their credibility within their own circle of colleagues, and even their own supporters.

Yes, exploiting the tiniest opportunity, and indulging in something as simple as stroking someone’s ego, can cause massive problems, leading to division and relationship and team implosions... and all for nothing. And sadly for the “strokee”, they often don't realise that, until the damage has already been done. By then, it's game over.”

Strategists often design and plan things that way, to bring about internal infighting and division. They achieve their agenda at the cost of other good but naive people who are simply manipulated, played and used. As an exponent of the game of chess and its myriad strategic variations and potential possible moves, these thoughts led me to contemplate a simple probability: Would it be too far-fetched to believe that Pitt's Machiavellian plan, thrust upon the Demo Party via Rasmussen, was really intended to cause serious political damage in the public arena to Rasmussen, Demo party parliamentary leader William "Smiley" Heather, party leader Tina Browne; and the whole Democratic Party organisation?

Yes, Pitt seems to be driving this bus; but exactly who else is behind all this? The more I look at the angles, the clearer the probabilities become. I believe the simple truth is that no matter what Rasmussen did in response to Pitt's plan, he was pretty much damned one way or the other, and as a result, the Demo Party was bound to suffer public relations damage that was not of its own doing, but caused by Pitt.

For years I believe, Pitt has harassed, harangued and intimidated all manner of inherently good people across the political spectrum. These people were elected to serve the country to the very best of their ability, and had the right to expect they could do this free from threats against the future of the country, its people and its political and economic stability.

Political parties have always jostled for advantage. But when others outside of the political spectrum manipulate the future of the country, apparently for their own agenda, the people of the Cook Islands should rightfully expect their elected MPs to work together with the police, to do their utmost to enforce the country's future and to maintain stability.

In my opinion, to do nothing is tantamount to betraying your own country and your people.

So to all elected officials, know your people are watching your every move! Now that our government is aware of Rasmussen's official complaint to the police, will it do its level best (as it did recently with its determined pursuit of former Crown minister) to ensure that justice shall indeed prevail with this complaint of extortion and all its political overtones?

To do nothing in itself would be an injustice and could lead our people to consider the possibility of collusion, and a cover-up by our own government.

It is obvious the majority our people realise the Demos were right in revealing this heinous plan; After all, they were upfront and honest to both our people and our government.

So to government - will you behave as our leaders, and pursue this matter all the way through to the High Court?

Show your people and your country, that you will lead. Allow the High Court have their say, and to make their decision. Demonstrate leadership, and let Justice have her day in court!

            Papa Williams

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