Knowing the difference between facts and hearsay

Wednesday December 06, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

There is a difference between facts and conjecture or hearsay.


Wilkie Rasmussen apparently does not know the difference, and his angst about Albert Nicholas leaving the failed Democratic Party to join the government still gives him an obvious axe for him to grind.

That he lost his seat and petition and then leadership of the Democratic Party are testament to his lacking in any political acumen. To my mind, that he now is on the Demo executive is simply his opportunity to get paid. 

The facts, as I see them are that George Pitt spoke to him and proposed a change of government including, according to Wilkie, two other political figures.

Did you get a letter confirming this was the case from the other two? No, Wilkie. Did they come and see you and present their desire to move? No. In fact, the only one who said others were involved was someone we all know who appears to struggle with the truth, and who you then state makes a living out of fake news and misinformation.

How can the words of this man be trusted, unless of course they contain political gain for you?

Show us the facts and don’t play with the lives of others for political gain, and in the process dismiss your callous disregard for their families and parents by saying, it was just “background information”.

I believe you knew how hurtful it would be to have this information used as leverage for a scheme from “the great schemer”, a man you yourself say cannot be trusted and appears to be a long way from the “good clean” politics you say you aspire to and yet do not practise.

In my opinion this veiled attempt to discredit Albert Nicholas only exposes how long the venom runs in your own veins. Your words give you away. You save to the end of your column the real driver of your call to truth and action, and that was for the government to cut Albert loose.

Does it still hurt that you are not in power, not the leader, not an MP and not in politics anymore? As a failed former CIP member it is almost hypocritical that you point the finger at Nicholas and forget so quickly what you did, jumping the political fence only to be dumped again.

Remember 2002 when you stood as a CIP member, then after elevation to Foreign Affairs minister in 2004, you switched to the Democratic Party and were elected unopposed? You seem to suffer from amnesia about your own past party-jumping and yet judge others by another set of rules. That’s called hypocrisy and double standards – something you readily criticise in other people.

Fake news that is what your column amounts to. Fake news from George Pitt, and fake motivation that will only lead to yourself being bitten by the same snake you so quickly say, others are dancing with.


            Truth Seeka

            (Name and address supplied)

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