Turepu’s words telling

Tuesday December 05, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

So our Agriculture minister, the great Kiriau Turepu has spoken again. 


A man of few words and even fewer actions has directed his agriculture flock to do it themselves, if they want to develop lands for planting and growing. Terupu’s last words to farmers was, “get busy”

His explanation regarding James Beer’s question in parliament about developing growing projects in Mangaia and other islands, was to complain that growers and island officials don’t come and visit him when they are in Rarotonga.

He sounds like a whining old papa. The question to ask is why? And who are they asking for help from?

Complaining about the problems involved in developing works in Rarotonga and taking them to the Pa Enua where growers don’t follow through, says volumes about the minister’s inability to work with people in their domains and with what they want to work with. 

Ask him about organic growing and he will say it won’t work, even though many of his own workers promote it and farmers are looking at it as the world changes its thinking towards healthy growing. 

This man holds a position which could make this country great again as the grower of produce to the world. Even growing produce for New Zealand would be a good start.

As Environment minister too, he could help clean up our country and lead the way to sustainable growing, without chemicals polluting our lagoon and our bodies.

Instead of an Agriculture minister, we have an ostrich with his head in the sand.

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